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How to lose your Mojo on Social Media in 2 Months!!!

I have read so many articles on Tips explaining how to excel in Networking on Social Media. So I thought why not test those myself!!! I did it, in the last 2 months!!! and got the proven result!!! As you can see from the graph above I used to get approx. 200 profile views every week, I just wanted to test, hence started to discontinue what I used to do, and you can clearly see the result! The profile view came down to 38!!! 150 Views Gone!!! How!!! Let’s discuss what I needed to do in that 2 months period to ensure and keep my stardom on LinkedIn!!!!

Be engaged:

2015 and onwards are all about engagement. The more engaged you are in your social circle, the more people will know you and you’ll be a star! Hence be engaged. I have tested this myself. In that 2 months period, I have refrained from writing, posting, commenting, liking, updating, and sharing content. And my profile view went down by 3% and I have lost 100 followers on Twitter as well….It’s a fact, you need to be engaged on social media to be visible, to ensure that people will follow, read, like, share your content. Join the relevant groups; share your content with the members of the group. Visit the groups and read the content of the members. Just be engaged and active! You’ll see the result!!!

Write Often

This is another fact! I have not been writing on LinkedIn lately. My last article was published almost 3 months back!!! and you can see, my profile views started dropping. Just wanted to test this fact! And yes it’s true! If you don’t write, people will stop following you. You’ll lose your valuable asset, your followers! Hence write often, share your content, what you know, what you believe, share your expertise and grow your network!

Title Says it all

So you have written awesome content! But your title is dull!!! Well, I have seen great content lacking visibility just because of the Title! As an example; I can cite, one of my content that I have written a while back, listing examples of some of the great marketers and their smart content. At first, my post was almost invisible, very few readers read, liked it. Then I thought about it; changed the Title and Wallah!!! The content started to gain visibility and finally ended up on a Daily Newspaper as well!!!! You may find that article here.

Appreciate your network

Social Media is all about networking, connecting with people. In this era of Digital Marketing and excellence through networking, you need to be engaged, and one of the keys to engagement is to appreciate your network. This doesn’t mean that you just add people and then forget about them. It means more! It means you need to read their content, give them recommendations on their profile for their excellent work, post comments on their post, share their content, and thus appreciate them. In return, you’ll be amazed to see how you are becoming a Star on LinkedIn!

Debate (of-course with what you know)

It’s amazing to see the comments on some of the posts. Sometimes, I click on the link of a post just to read the comment section! So much to learn from each other, so much great knowledge people debating over great content!!! Do the same, debate with what you know, what you believe! The key here to write about something that may raise some debate as well!!! Hence; Go ahead, just write about something unconventional and see the result!!! Your content will surely get Viral if you do it right!

Finally, it’s totally up to you! You need to be engaged on Social Media Especially on LinkedIn to be a Star!!! Happy networking People!!! Don’t forget to check my other posts on LinkedIn